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News Release
Blue Cross Blue Shield Negotiation Information
Your Health is our Priority A Blue Cross Update September 5 from CEO Dr. Cliff Robertson CHI Health hospitals, including Good Samaritan, remain out-of-network for those with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska commercial health plans. Blue Cross plans from every state except Iowa are affected. It appears that we could remain out-of-network for a prolonged period of time. Right now, no further talks are scheduled. As always, we are willing to go back to the negotiation table as soon as possible. C HI Health CEO, Dr. Cliff Robertson with a message about your health, which truly is our top priority. VIDEO HERE What you need to know 1. Your health has to be the top priority. We will continue to keep the costs we, CHI Health, can control the same for you regardless of whether you are in or out of network. So please, do not put off going to your doctor. Get the care you need! 2. Medicare supplements are not affected. If your primary insurance is Medicare and you have a Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan, you are NOT affected by this issue. Your copays and deductibles are unchanged. 3. Emergency medical care is covered as in-network. As they always do, Blue Cross will verify the care is emergent. 4. You can access a handy >out-of-network guide here. If you have questions or would like to calculate the cost for your out-of-network care, we have set up a call center to help you. Please call us at 888-245-4442. Important Information for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska Members We are in our final week of negotiations before Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska pushes us out of network. We continue to offer tens of millions in savings, including rate cuts, but Blue Cross continues to turn us down. Here are a couple of very important facts you need to know: 1. What matters most is your health. Please do not delay your care. CHI Health Good Samaritan is committed to working with you to make sure you have the care and medications you need during this time. 2. If you hold a Medicare Supplement through Blue Cross - you are not affected by these negotiations. 3. Blue Cross plans from every state are affected. However, CHI Health hospitals and providers in Iowa remain in-network for all Blue Cross plans. Click here for a helpful resource: Your Guide to Out-of-Network Care Information Posted July 24, 2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBS) recently issued a notice of termination to its members for the contract covering how we work together in providing care to BCBS members across Nebraska. Our current contract is set to end on September 1, 2014. For the time being, nothing changes for you - our providers and hospitals will continue to care for you as we always have. We are continuing good-faith negotiations with BCBS and are hopeful that we can reach a resolution that best serves both organizations, our healthcare providers and most importantly - you. At the heart of these negotiations is a fundamentally different approach to care and reimbursement. We are committed to a new, progressive payment model focused on quality and outcomes, which lead to lower cost; BCBS prefers to hold on to an outdated fee-for-service model that fragments care and pays for each service provided. Clearly that does not work. Other payors, including the federal government through the Medicare, recognize the need for innovative payment models like bundling payments and creating accountable care organizations, which focus on total cost for care rather than unit cost for care. We appreciate our communities' patience as we work through this negotiation. Our CEO, Cliff Robertson, MD, outlines our position and why it's important in this video blog. If you'd like to call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska's dedicated hotline to encourage them to shift toward a value-based care model, the number is 844-286-0855. You can read more about Cliff and find some answers to your questions in the documents on this page. Frequently Asked Questions Cliff's video Cliff’s video transcript