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Joint Replacement
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Hip Replacement

There are several causes for a hip replacement surgery. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of hip degeneration. In this case, the hip joint simply wears out and must be replaced. Avascular necrosis is also a cause for hip joint degeneration. This condition, also known as AVN is an actual collapse of the ball portion of the hip. And prior hip problems such as fractures or abnormalities in childhood can also lead to the eventual degeneration of a hip over time.

When it has been decided that a hip replacement is necessary, a prosthesis is put inside the body in the place of the hip. This is done through an incision to reach the hip joint. After reaching the hip, a prosthesis made of two parts -- the acetabular component (the socket), and the femoral component (the ball).

In this procedure, the hip is dislocated and the degenerated hip joint is removed. Put in its place is the prosthesis that can be put in place with a special type of epoxy, or can actually be replaced so that the bone will grow into the prosthesis.