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Cancer Genetic Counseling/Family Risk Assessment

As the years pass on and people grow older, the chances of a cancer diagnosis may increase. Some risk factors that may increase the chance of cancer are tobacco use and exposure, alcohol intake, obesity, some environmental exposures and finally viruses.

However, about five to 10 percent of cancers are thought to occure because of an inherited gene mutation (change in DNA) that is passed from parent to child on conception. If a person has inherited such a gene mutation, they have inherited an increased risk of developing cancer in their lifetime.

Characteristics of hereditary cancer may include:

  • Cancer in two or more close relatives
  • Multiple generations of cancer in a family
  • Earlier age of onset than is typical, usually less than 50 years of age
  • Multiple primary cancers such as bilateral breast cancer or individuals with breast and ovarian cancer


Contact Information:

To contact the genetic counselor directly, call:
Kim Verrell, MS, CGC
308-865-7290 (Office)
308-293-6483 (Cell)
Click here to email Kim

To schedule an appointment, call:1-888-352-3282